Friday, March 13, 2009

AppLe Tree

We must alive likes a bar of tree that created to serve. serve every human without hope to served. What ever we think if we only expect tree produces a sweet fruit, oxygen that scattered so much, and water that overflow. But without we realize many people only just want to make a martyr of that trees likes to clean every leaf that scale off even and that make many people hate tree existences in some where. Mortallyer again when does human with pleasure the heart to fell the tree that serve human every moment just for a much money.
Why does human not alive to can serve but always hope to served. Isn't it true that human is created to mutual serve one with another. Because human always experience dependence. But in reality stills many ego and that force that human personally to is one who important so that he is served by another person. Unconsciously actually that wanted human be one who good, that way everything him do will be good thing also will not like one who will want important most of they will do everything that harm vinicity to get everything that will make them will be important person. Here's moment it we are to change and try mutual serve like loyal apple tree gives red apple sweet, watch over soil, keep water, and give oxygen every day. Don't ever tired to struggle to be good person that want to serve.
More Important Is Good Person Than Better Be Important Person.